“60 years of spying on journalists in Colombia” FLIP report on the day of journalist

The report warns that while the Internet has brought tens of advantages journalists also made them more vulnerable to espionage.

Monday to commemorate the day of the journalist, the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) released a report entitled “60 years of spying on journalists in Colombia”, which makes a snapshot of press freedom in Colombia during the 2014.

The report cites the case of the facade Army spy known as ‘Flexispy’ from which besides obtaining information from the peace talks also recognized spying on journalists.

“He knew that in this operation intercepted emails from journalists were. Later, it was learned that the Central Military Intelligence had a list of personal and official emails from the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, domestic and foreign journalists “says the report.
In the brief attacks of which were victim communicators are also recorded.

“During the 2014 FLIP recorded 131 direct attacks against the press in Colombia, with a total of 164 victims This includes cases such as the various pamphlets collective threats against journalists in Valle del Cauca, Bogota and other parts of the country;. The destruction computer journalist Javier Osuna and arbitrary detention by police the photographer Esteban Vanegas in Medellin. ”

However, the report indicated that during 2014 there was a decrease of the threats compared to 2013.

Poor protection received by journalists threatened by the state are also highlighted. “The administrative and budgetary problems of the National Protection Unit (NPU) were the constant and triggered the inefficiency in providing security for journalists at risk, and the settled uncertainty about the continuity of the schemes”.

In the letter it is recalled that the murder of journalist Luis Carlos Cervantes in Tarazá, Antioquia, took place after he was withdrawn protection.

The report also warns that while the Internet has brought dozens of reporters advantages it has also become more vulnerable to espionage.

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