9 companies catering for a perfect wedding in Bogota

Provide a good feast day of your wedding is one of the primary tasks that every couple has in mind when preparing his marriage. Making delight your guests with exquisite food, a nice drink and a delicious dessert is quite essential for the wedding to be a success.

Empresas de catering en Bogotá

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Today, the trend in catering for weddings is to provide sophisticated, creative and original experiences that demand more effort in the preparation and presentation of the dishes.

For the day of your wedding menu does not become a headache, we selected what we consider9 Caterers in Bogotá that will make your wedding a whole dining experience.

1. Cellar & Kitchen

Bodega & Cocina
Photo: Cellar & Kitchen

Looking for a service offered by professionals who know their craft with v ariety of culinary offerings to delight the palate of all your guests? Cellar & Kitchen is in the ability to handle events for up to 3,700 people, with quality, elegance and satisfaction guaranteed .

Cellar & Kitchen has a great team of waiters in ongoing training, well uniformed and know the importance in the success of the event they attend. In its policy can not be improvised.Each event receives a personalized attention and care into every single detail.

Bodega & Cocina
Photo: Cellar & Kitchen

The proper choice of catering, catering equipment hire, the type of drinks and snacks to be offered will be the key to making your wedding a success. Bodega & Cocina with theirexperience and creativity will make your marriage a moment full of exclusivity and elegance, so that your guests are widely surprised.

2. Catering by Rausch

Catering by Rausch
Photo: Catering by Rausch

At Catering by Rausch are specialists in gastronomy and lovers of good taste, which will be reflected in-depth knowledge and experience in the kitchen, in order to give life and magic to events through the Service Catering.

Catering By Rausch
Photo: Catering By Rausch

At Catering by Rausch high quality foods are offered with adjustable to the needs of each event prices. No limits people capacity spaces. The event is adaptable to the tastes and needs of each partner. Undoubtedly one of the best options for hire for your most awaited day.

3. Totoya Gourmet

Looking for a company with extensive experience in the hospitality industry?Totoya Gourmet has over thirty years in the market, accumulating varied and delicious recipes.It was born from the transformation of traditional menus with dishes unique flavor and presentation characterized by quality and satisfaction to all its consumers.

Totoya Gourmet
Photo: Totoya Gourmet

Totoya Gourmet offers personalized service making it an exclusive banqueting house that keeps the tradition above. With impeccable and professional service exclusively under the philosophy that an event will never be the same as another, remains at the forefront of the new trend. They have a wide range of menus that fit the taste and budget of each client.

4. Cartablanca Weddings

Want a fully customized menu? Cartablanca Wedding catering considered as an essential part of any event and can not be defined at random or from a list of options, but you get the possibility to design the menu for your wedding: as set the catering of salt and sweet snacks, dessert tables, drinks, cocktails, pastries and everything you want according to the need of your event special combination of flavors, presentation of dishes, among others.

In Cartablanca from the first session take the time to understand the tastes, preferences, roots, etc grooms to design tailored menus. Your dining experience and high pastry at national and international level can offer wide variety of options that will not leave indifferent to any of the guests.

5. Banquet Pierre

Banquet Pierre more than a company banquet is a company that offers its customers complete experiences in organizing your wedding that includes a magnificent catering highly regarded.

Banquet Pierre has catapulted to success and is recognized as the organizer of more sophisticated city events. Not just for the social status of those who hire their services, but by the quality of people working there have the great privilege and luxury of having and having been in French, Czech and Hungarian chefs payroll, among others.

6. Lemaitre

¿Interested in a luxury catering for your wedding day? Guided by the taste of good food and a culinary family tradition, Lemaitre decided to venture into the food industry, beginning operations in 2004.

It is a family business, led by 2 brothers, and engaged and attend weddings and events up to 5,000 people, always looking to generate added value through quality, presentation and good service.

7. Jacques Pastries

With over 15 years experience, its products are already recognized in Bogotá and every day indulging delight the most demanding customers who seek quality and taste. Pastry Jacques is a pastry and bakery specializing in French delicacies founded 1995.

If you want to conquer your guests will never forget your wedding, the best choice will be the creations of Jacques and his French cuisine. Known among other things for the contrast of textures, smells, colors and flavors in all options presented. This will make your wedding a celebration and enjoyment for the palate.

8. Culinary Oca design

Looking for a company that lover of food and good taste? In Culinary design Ocalove to cook, think about food and how to get people to fill with happiness. So the catering of each wedding is tested and tasted, so your customers can be 100% sure that the food yourmarriage will be delicious.

Culinary design Oca lives flavors collecting, traveling, testing and creating menus that are born of experiences and unique tastes of each customer to please them the most on their big day.

9. Food on set

In Food on the Set firmly believe that each moment is unique and must be free from worry and stress to become a full of joy and enjoyment time. Therefore accompanying grooms in planning and complete assembly of the wedding, taking care of every detail, from menu design to the choice of kitchenware. They offer creative menus with innovative flavors, made with carefully selected and high standards of quality.

What are you hoping to get contact with them!

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