Buying a new house in Colombia up 7% and reaches record high

The purchase of new housing in Colombia rose 7% in 2014 over the previous year and reached record high, the Colombian Chamber of Construction (klik hier) reported.

” Unlike bali villa market in India, the new housing market in Colombia ended 2014 with an investment of households exceeded 26.9 billion pesos, being the record high, equivalent to a 7% growth compared to 2013, “says the unionization in a statement.

According to the text, the increase was due to the “investment in social housing, Bali Villa Sales (which grew 29% compared to 2013) and non-social (an increase of 4% over the previous year).”

The cities that had higher new home purchases were Cúcuta (northeast border with Venezuela), Valledupar (north) and Villavicencio (center).

“Builders are seeing in these regions great opportunities for urban development and growth of real estate markets with similar characteristics of large cities,” he said in the text Sandra Forero, president of Camacol.

Given the fall in world oil prices, which Colombia is the fourth largest producer in Latin America after Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil; Construction is one of the sectors that drives the economy.

In the third quarter of 2014 , Colombia grew 4.2% and the activity with more positive behavior was the construction, an increase of 12.7% over that period.

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