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Women in the flower industry in Colombia

The Colombian flower industry, which is positioned internationally as second largest exporter of fresh cut flowers, used mainly female workforce and make employment and wage opportunities for women in this country.

However, these jobs are poorly paid and precarious, and in some cases entail dangers to health and the environment from the use of toxic pesticides. While the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US will mean greater job opportunities for women, is unlikely to generate improvements in the quality of life of flower farms.

The economic restructuring associated with globalization and liberalization has reshaped the global agricultural trade. Besides the expansion of total production, income derived from agricultural commodities industry have declined. Processed food products, high value and differentiated, as is the case of trade in vegetables (fruits, vegetables, flowers) as well as fish, meat and oilseeds now constitute the most dynamic components of international agricultural trade.

For many developing countries, diversification into high value products has resulted in the emergence of non-traditional agricultural products, considered as new market niches. In recent decades, the importance of these products has increased and women have been able to capitalize on these new opportunities in the labor market in an unprecedented way. However, the quantitative increase in female participation in the labor market does not always translate to the qualitative improvement of the lives of women, as we shall see below.

Specifically, the cut flower industry has proved a dynamic economic sector that generates a growing demand in the international market. The process of emergence and consolidation of Colombian floriculture went through a growing economic internationalization from the sixties. In recent years, on the one hand, the sector has experienced changes in the organization of production and labor productivity have increased; and on the other, non-state actors (companies and NGOs) have made great efforts to improve labor standards in the industry, although the effectiveness of these efforts is questioned by some. Finally, the relative depletion of US market forces the Colombian flower industry to move towards European and Japanese markets. The entry into force of the FTA with the United States (US) last May 15, 2012 will make its effects fall within that context .

Working conditions and risks to health and the environment

The Colombian flower industry is internationally positioned as the second largest exporter of fresh cut flowers after the Netherlands. The flowers are the second largest agricultural exporter line after the revenue generated by the sale of coffee. The acreage for export represents approximately 6,800 hectares, located in the Sabana de Bogotá, in Antioquia and in other municipalities of central and west. The first destination of exports of Colombian flowers is the US, which absorbs 76% of cut flowers, the remaining exports go to European countries, Russia and Japan. Flower cultivation is labor intensive, due to the inability to machine some stages of production.

The presence of women in Florists Shrewsbury industry in Colombia has been mainstream since its inception, and this trend is confirmed today. Women represent about 65% of all employees in the sector. Commercial intensification has created numerous job opportunities for women; however, its majority stake in the production directed towards exports is not necessarily synonymous with increased quality of life due to low wages associated with the work in this sector. Although labor characteristics of women working in the sector vary in some cases depending on the size, shape organizational or management and geographic location of exporting companies, numerous studies highlight the following: In the flower industry, women clean the weeds, tie the plants, prune, cut, harvest and packaging, while men are involved in irrigation, spraying and maintenance.

Women are considered more suitable for hand work flowers work, but is both the most vulnerable and affected by flexible working conditions in the sector population sector. The work of the flower farms tends to be informal, characterized by a high degree of job insecurity and the virtual absence of social protection.The high dependence of women from their jobs resulting from the need to generate a regular family income and the tendency to labor flexibility in the industry affect the welfare and development of the communities concerned. A study by Oxfam estimates that 95% of women working in flower production contribute their salary to the family economy, which depends on average 4 or 5 people. Some women working in the flower sector in exchange for minimum wage, working overtime to accomplish their basic needs. These features are common to the Ecuadorian and Mexican flower industries, as well as the Chilean productive sector. However, studies of Mexican and Ecuadorian flower sector include paid employment of women has led to a reduction in gender disparities among the younger generation, in terms of women’s control of their income, greater participation in decision-making and greater bargaining power within the household.

In the flower industry, occupational health risks have traditionally been one of the most controversial aspects of the situation of Colombian workers. Among the most significant problems have been highlighted ergonomic, for the positions they have to take long periods of time; the mechanical, repetitive and inappropriate movements that can lead to cuts or other injuries; chemicals, by inhalation or contact with pesticides, pesticides and other harmful substances; physical, by high and low temperatures they endure (in the post-harvest period below zero temperatures are recorded); and finally, psychosocial problems, pressure to maintain the required production levels and the severity of the styles of supervision in most companies.

Additionally, the floriculture sector generates a number of effects on the environment and communities.The cultivation of flowers is a reduced availability of water for human consumption due to intensive use by businesses, the pollution of groundwater sources by the use of chemicals, indiscriminate use of pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that degrade the environment, and the deterioration of land where flowers are grown, thereby running the risk of leaving them sterile. Studies highlight the negative effects on the quality of life of the population and food security conditions, as flower production has discouraged the production of traditional foods in the areas concerned, and generated the decrease of water resources. Additionally, in the area of ​​the Sabana de Bogotá, floriculture has caused significant pollution of aquifers.

Social responsibility initiatives

The notorious journalistic and documentary reports have reported adverse environmental and working conditions faced by workers in plantations have raised questions and discussions between, especially European buyers, regarding the enforcement of labor and environmental standards, supported local NGOs.Consequently, the Colombian Association of Flower (ASOCOLFLORES), which brings together the leading exporters created its own code of labor and environmental standards in 1996, called Green Flower. This code includes the following aspects: i) guaranteed and timely payment of wages, benefits and compensation; ii) guarantee of job security and non-discriminatory treatment of the worker; iii) general coverage of occupational health and social security; v) respect for the right information and training for the labor unemployment, human resource management planning; and vi) strengthening the welfare of the worker and his family and commitment not to recruit children under 18 years.

However, there was some criticism because the code of conduct does not recognize the right of workers to join unions and to bargain collectively. Some studies consider these practices of corporate social responsibility as an indication of a purely defensive perspective, as there is no real democratic gains in corporate spaces. The dispersion of the sector hampers controls all companies, so although some are certified, can remain precarious conditions in smaller units. The implementation of socio-environmental practices is also difficult due to the diversity of forms of contracting in the sector.

Potential effects of the entry into force of the FTA with the US

The entry into force of the FTA between Colombia and the US the May 15, 2012 raises several issues for the sector. With this agreement seeks to preserve the preferences granted by the Law of Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act (ATPDEA) indefinitely and strengthen positive investment climate, environment, labor issues and public procurement.

A study by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia estimates that the FTA would generate an increase in total trade in Colombia for more than three points of GDP and an increase in foreign direct investment over 2,300 million. However, it shows a negative impact on the balance of payments in the agricultural sector.This is explained by the greater volume of imports of US agricultural goods compared to Colombian exports to US .. Other analyzes indicate that the effects for the agricultural sector could be positive if the US decides further tariff barriers, eliminating non-tariff barriers to Colombia.

He complains, however, that the labor chapter of the agreement with the US offers no advantages, not least because it was excluded from the internationally recognized core labor rights, referred to non-discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, as defined in Convention 111 of the International Labour Organization. Therefore the vulnerability of workers in the sector increased from the perspective of women. Finally, during the FTA negotiation process as well as its stage of ratification, insufficient information was provided to the public, so that the contributions of civil society organizations were not sufficiently discussed.

In conclusion, the work of people linked to the floriculture is the only source of income for thousands of families in rural and marginal urban areas. While the implementation of NAFTA have the effect of creating job opportunities for women in the flower sector, it has been shown that the jobs created will be low-level and pay, and unsafe conditions. In order to assess the impact of CAFTA, should take into account the conditions of life, work and health safety of workers in the sector. It is therefore important to emphasize the urgency of promoting social and public policies that respond to the needs of working agribusiness flowers so that employment opportunities created for Colombian workers require an improvement in their standard of living, and that of their communities.

Ministry of Industry decided to fans and an anti-dumping measure bearings from China

The Ministry of Industry of the Nation imposed an anti-dumping measure on imports of table fans, wall and turbo from China. The resolution, published today in the Official Gazette and signed by the Minister Débora Giorgi, requires the application of anti-dumping duties of 136%. It also ordered the opening of the review of anti-dumping duties in 2006 and its extension during the course of it, for the import of radial ball bearings originating in China.

The measures are based on technical reports prepared by technical agencies under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Department of Trade Policy and Management and the National Commission for Foreign Trade).

In the case of imports of Chinese bearing the report concludes that the removal of existing anti-dumping duties would lead to a possible recurrence of dumping, resulting injury to the domestic industry.

Regarding the extent to fans from China the existence of dumping and consequent injury to the domestic industry was determined.

In this regard the Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi said that “continue to defend the domestic market from unfair competition; we can not allow damage to the domestic industry involving the deterioration of working conditions of our employees. ”

Fans originating in China

The domestic industry is composed of firms METALÚRGICA Crivel, AXEL, INDUSTRIES MEDANO and LILIANA, based in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, which together employ about 300 workers in the production of the fans.

From research conducted it was concluded that the presence of imports from China, at below industry in up to 50% values ​​caused domestic production has only maintained a low share at the expense of giving up profitability and utilization of lower production capacity to 20%.

Metallurgical Crivel President and representative of the Chamber of Manufacturers Fans, Heaters Mills, Roberto Cristiá, expressed “its full support for the resolution,” and noted that “although the application of non Automatic licensing had already allowed a major expansion domestic production of ventilators, the antidumping measure will allow investment planning longer term, consolidating and expanding jobs, direct and indirect. ”

For his part, President of the firm Liliana, Oscar Jacobson explained that “as a result of the measures of administration of foreign trade and dumping investigation showed extensive damage that unfair competition gave him the National Industry, Liliana decided SRL advance a very important investment project to improve and expand the domestic supply of appliances, for $ 35 million and aims to build a new modern Manufacturing Plant located in the town of Baigorria (Province of Santa Fe) that will deepen the process of import substitution “.

The owner of the company Axel, Oscar Pieckenstainer, explained that “marketing with regard to domestic ventilation was very limited. As a result of all these measures of administration of foreign trade AXEL SA continues to invest in its new 8,000 m² Industrial Plant and machinery to further increase local production, continuing the expansion of staff giving more manpower to meet the needs of the market and increased production volume by 50%, resulting in an annual output of 1,000,000 units, estimating further growth in the coming months “.

Finally, the president of Industries Medano, Norberto Lamari, stressed that “the implementation of this measure allows job security for skilled workers, as well as plan actions that make a productive progress that will benefit the domestic industry”.

Chinese bearings

Currently, the market is supplied by domestic producer, SKF ARG., Which employs about 420 workers, and imports from various sources, among which include India, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia and Rep. Czech.

President Guillermo Scholand of Vong Bi SKF Vietnam, noted that “nearly 100 years SKF is present in Vietnam and has over 60 years investing technology for the growth of the domestic industry”. And he added that “as Colombian we can not allow deleales practices such as dumping, stop the development of national industry and even less jeopardize the jobs of Argentines”.

Colombia is driving the development of mobile game applications

Creating mobile juevos in Colombia, is more common than you think.According to the Colombian School of Engineering, 40 percent of companies dedicated to the development of mobile applications, focusing on this area.

Colombian applications developers are inclined to make mobile entertainment solutions.Photo: © Tim Pannell / Corbis

Corporate Colombia already know to develop basic app promotion for mobile devices and generic applications. “However, there is an untapped market and still lack technical expertise in mobile gaming sector,” explains Juan Carlos Marino, Director of Course Development of Mobile Games.

According to figures from the university, the development of mobile applications leaves the country to 40 million dollars a year or play for fun. It is not a low figure compared to other countries in the region.

Still, there needs to be more momentum, so that developers start looking for mobile solutions to the entertainment. In the Colombian market there is much room to develop entertaining applications that point to the education sector, the health sector, ‘apps’ that will point to the marketing industry and advertising.

Domestic firms and entrepreneurs in the industry supported the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, which through its Plan Vive Digital, have developed an initiative designed to promote and enhance the development of applications mobile, software and content.

From the academy, the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito has developed content and diploma courses in which they market trends and industry in mind.

Courses cover topics specific design of mobile development in Android, (system faster growth worldwide taking 50 percent of the smartphone market) and the marketing of different methods of receiving income games.

Socoda gives life to stainless steel

Very few people know that Socoda, the largest stainless steel trash can review transformer Colombia, born in Medellin 60 years ago and that his name is an acronym of the Society of Builders of Antioquia.Much less imagine that this company, with three production plants and 500 employees, turnover in 2012 more than 40 billion pesos this year and expects to close sales by 80 billion pesos.

For Andrés Bejarano, CEO Socoda, the figures are critical. In these expansion plans and business lines that have made possible the growth of the company is based. Bejarano said to be growing at an average of 10 percent annually, and although the home line represents 60 percent of businesses expect in a few years to increase production of the institutional line currently represents more than 20 percent of business and that is where they see greater opportunities in the future marketing. The other part of the cake is in the urban projects that are also leaders.

To Socoda transformation, not only steel but their own niche markets, have been the keys to success and business growth. During the first decade passed to manufacture metallic elements generally create only kitchen counters. In the second they began to manufacture and market complete kitchens, including other materials such as wood and melamine. That remained strong even with changes that took advantage of the boom constructor. That’s when they went into mass production. For that, the opening of large stores surfaces approached customers recognize, was fundamental. It was then produced online practice: a sort of game of “Lego”, in which each family depending on the weapon your kitchen space and affordability. Currently advance agreements for builders of affordable housing delivered houses with “Vital Inn”, which is the heart of the kitchen and allows him to adapt furniture staged benefiting the base of the pyramid.

In recent years identified opportunities in manufacturing urban line and began building bus stops and regular sales booths in Bogota, Barranquilla, Medellin and other cities. Those businesses will now joins other online institutional and prison, the first responds to shops and hospitals and have special demand meson laboratory and washing stations. The second addresses the requirements of prison security of medium and high security in Colombia and Latin America. For this last line, criminal, created mirrors made of steel, which prevent vandalism and fulfill the same functions as the glass. These two lines have allowed them to be part of the great building projects of the country, such as the San Vicente Foundation Rionegro (Antioquia), the Portoazul Clinic in Barranquilla, Bogota and Los Nogales in the new Latin American prisons Hospital. They hope that these new businesses are the basis for stay more years in the market.

New housing in Colombia is “through the roof”

The prices of housing in Colombia , especially in the upper and middle, are at their highest point as unveiled the Manager of the Bank of the Republic, José Darío Uribe. This was recognized president of the construction value SA, Sergio Mutis who said that in the case of Bogotá, the square meter in a layer 5 to 6 can range from 6 to more than 18 million maximum for some projects. For the case of works being carried out in strata to middle class, ie 3 and 4, the square meter can be obtained between 2 and 3.5 million pesos. According to Mutis, in the case of social housing projections indicate a cost of about 1,800,000 pesos and lower VIS one million pesos. explained that the situation here is rather complicated because families do not have the need to purchase a quick house sale financial support. ‘s leader said that housing prices have reached a high peak due to the high demand and short supply of existing projects in cities like Bogota, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Medellin and Barranquilla among others. Considered adjustments in prices months will be relatively moderate. In Bogotá there for 40 million, but far from the centerCaracol Radio found out some projects and found that there are still homes from $ 40 million, but are located in very remote areas of the center, with the usual problem of mobility experienced by the city, makes going from that dwelling to an office in downtown area, can mean 90 or more minutes away. If the return to the owner can mean three or more hours daily in the public transport. Adds In the southern zone, stratum 2, the project stands Ciudad Verde , where we locate an apartment of 40 meters of built area and 36 meters private area, 42,750,000 pesos. It’s called Joint Thinking , has two bedrooms and a bathroom and finished are basic social interest. The square meter, on average, slightly more than one million pesos. Stratum 4 found in the Park 175 , located in the area of San Antonio, Street 175 with race 19, where an apartment of 79 square meters, with 67 private area meters, costs 295 million pesos. To reach the center in Trasmilenio used about an hour under normal conditions, because they need to take feeder bus to reach the North Portal (between 15 and 20 minutes) and an express to the center (at least 40 minutes).The square meter here is worth about 3,740,000 pesos also note the Saffron building , located in the area of La Calleja , in the north of the city, where an apartment of 79 square meters of construction, with private area of 71 meters, has average price of $ 430,000,000. It has two bedrooms, parking and close access to a Transmilenio station.The finishes are seen as good quality, and is in stratum 5 The square meter costs about 5.444 million pesos And stratum 6 we find the building Brick 98 , in the area of North Chico , close to the financial area city, where an apartment of 95 square meters and 87 private area, with one or two bedrooms, costs on average 720 million, ie, the square meter to just over 7.57 million pesos.

Change the address of a company, a process almost impossible

Change the direction of a company in Colombia is a Kafkaesque process and many people are exposed in good faith lien or raids.

Trade Cpamara

Your house, apartment or office can be without you knowing the address of a company, where fall investigations, searches and seizures, find out why, and because it has no solution.

Among the attributes of any legal or natural person is home, this is the place in which the company operates trading. The problem we denounce in this article and that is a serious error in the business registration system is the address from which firms reside have no control or verification, so that anyone can include the address you want and believe it or not has possibility to change the real owner.

For the formation of a company in the statutes is not necessary to determine an exact address, just indicate what city will address the society, which further authorizes the chamber of commerce for registration.

The process of business creation starts with the processing of the PRE -Ruth, a torture which must be self gestionar- well known by those who have open company, in this it is necessary to indicate the exact address where the company is going to work and the same data shall be provided in other forms. The problem is that since in the last year the DIAN and the Chamber of Commerce have eliminated the need to prove by filing an original public receipt, proof of a minimum of linking a person with an address, so that makes sense incorporated as a registered society.

This means that to register a company who requires a home should not include a real address somehow try, you just have any either existing or nonexistent as it should not prove in any way that is actually the place where the company will conduct its operations or less live there.

This does not mean any additional tropicalism a more extensive menu in the Colombian tropicalismos, if not for that direction has different connotations of the more serious problem.

DIAN and before any judicial authority that is the address of the company, is the place you can lead the police to undertake investigations, raids, court papers and what is worse, the place to which any creditor can apply seizure and confiscation of all personal property therein are valid to assume that what is in the seat of a company, belongs to society is made.

This mean that neither the DIAN and the Chamber of Commerce requested a site where later the law will mean they are all company assets, venue test which will fall on the minimum prudential measures of any administrative or civil proceeding .

In practical terms this amounts to a third-bad-intentioned of course can unilaterally and without requiring more than knowing the exact address, including apartment home either as a company and will be the actual owner of the apartment (for example) who have to endure which means a measure of seizure and confiscation of property. That is, lawyers, kidnap and police personnel have not only ordered to enter but the possibility of paving the property in case of resistance.

Although the true resident has the opportunity to file an opposition claiming that knows of this company or its legal representatives, shall defend with evidence to support the ownership of the goods at home are, opposition will be resolved by a judge in care to achieve the evidence presented in that proceeding. With the national aggravating anyone usually keep copies of invoices or warranties that show business is what really belongs.

In sum, even if got oppose such diligence and protect all their assets, Does it make sense that a good person who does not know or has known of the existence of a company, have to defend and support a measure to all lights as demeaning the seizure and sequestration process in an executive or a search of a prosecutor or criminal proceedings?

Here we present as an example the car that supports the precautionary measures on all goods that rest in an apartment, include the same address as a debtor company in an executive process. (Blanks obvious purpose is to protect the identity of the process and the parties).

You can then bind any trader in the RUT your business an address with which you are not related and found in internet and direct there policivas, judicial and administrative authorities.


What makes the problem as clearly reported an almost surreal situation worthy of a lower legal system is that if the real property owner is aware of the situation and wish to withdraw your address with the aim of protecting their heritage and their own peace of mind, you can not do as the Chamber of Commerce rejects any request for modification on information society unless the make the shareholders or the legal representative, which of course does not happen when one has included the management has done bad faith or simply left the society or country.

Our office has tried by denounce the right of petition requesting situation presented to the Chamber of Commerce to withdraw a direction that does not correspond to that of a society no longer operate in that seat, the response was negative cameral entity requesting proof of bad faith whom I include the management impossible.

Says the Chamber of Commerce in response to the right of petition, signed by “Legal and Doctrine Registry in May 2014:

“Having completed the form and legal control by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, documents registered in the commercial registration of the companies mentioned, this entity is not aware of the truth or dismissed as false the documents recorded showing founded on the pillar of good faith. 

Therefore, and in order that there is clarity in the response of this cameral body, must be for a commercial company to usps change of address or judicial notice, is that the legal representative thereof or the person making their sometimes present at the offices of the chamber of commerce to certify new information and pay the right bill to make the respective change. “

In conclusion, there is no protection for tenants or owners of property where it ended and never operated or operate a company, it is not appropriate any of the data provided or removal before the chamber of commerce of such entry verification.

Our advice is to identify in the case of an office, which companies were operating in the seat that interests them and see that they have made the change of address and of course always have this clear evidence showing ownership of your furniture and waxing. Regarding houses and apartments there is little that can be done, by the inability to track what registers are, but where possible maintain copies of invoices that show your property to achieve.

If you have any doubt as to the legal business management, you can consult in . or visit our  company web Create Colombia  or  our blog.

Outsourcing bookkeeping is taken in Colombia

Lower costs and accountancy firms are outsourcing some benefits with this.

Hiring third parties to carry the business Accounting Software is an alternative that has been used increasingly in the country, because the policies of the entities found in this resource timeliness, accuracy and confidentiality. These three elements are essential to any organization, especially if it is being delivered to an external person, valuable information about your financial activity as a company or business that allows you to make decisions at some point. Clearly, the accounting records show the situation quickly the company, its stability and financial capacity.

“There is a growing trend in Colombia of this activity, which began to be booming with the arrival of several foreign firms, instead of mounting an entire accounting department, others choose to rely on their operational records, by the experience that they have in the subject.

“But today, many new national capital companies are also using these services, as in the case of SMEs, which for reasons of cost reduction used this figure with excellent results,” says Ernesto Erazo Cardona, manager of Audit and Outsourcing MCA Morrison Accounting. A figure which tends to increase every day, even if it means leaving out some fears, such as “fear of employers to someone other than your employees know your business and the figures used.

 Consider that it is a cultural problem, as there is some reluctance to change. Other, perhaps unaware of the advantages of this type of service and competitive in terms of cost, “explains Martin O. A Jaimes, deputy legal representative signature Auditing, Consulting, Outsourcing and Advisory OHSAS Management (A & CO).

Many have overcome this obstacle and, as President of the Federation of Chartered Accountants of Colombia (Fedecop), Hector Jaime Correa Finch says “Colombian firms have been delegated the functions of accounting in natural and legal persons, obviously suitable to perform this important task of information. “

According to reports Fedecop, currently in the country there are about 2,000 institutions offering Bookkeeper Manly  outsourcing, but also there are individuals who do this work, which are public accountants, which may reach the figure of 50,000. How it works The client and outsourcing company signed a service contract, which contains several annexes that describe exactly the purpose, scope, responsibilities and obligations of the agreement and an agreement of confidentiality of information, which applies to both firm providing outsourcing as its employees, consultants and advisors. Consequently, companies that hire the outsourcing of administrative and accounting part. Other, payroll and tax returns.

There are cases that require them to manage the entire accounting process and generate them and submit their reports and bring them some specific accounting functions such as accounts receivable or payable. Advise, one of the tasks of outsourcing firms.

Advantages offered by the system to businesses

 Among the benefits of this model of delegation of functions to a third party is the reduction in operating costs compared to do with their own staff (considering the level of their salaries, benefits and profits). “They can find consultants in specialized accounts or applying international standards governing this social science. May also have a management accounting and reporting of this in English because it is not easy to get in the Colombian market counters are profiles, “Jaimes said. Mario Rojas Castillo, manager Outsourcing AQ indicates that “out of the above benefits can have a separate management accounting, have updated their monthly income and expense information and advice from professionals in costs, taxes, fiscal, tax and financial issues, with appropriate and timely management of their accounting records. “

The accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing PTO

Basically involves the collection, sorting, coding and keying of all source documents that feed the accounting process of companies. Additionally, some companies opt for outsourcing delivery related activities, such as payroll, portfolio, financial and tax issues, among others.