Through community organizing, and multi discplinario work between architects, designers, urban gardeners and volunteers in the sector, the movement  Urban Reforestation has managed to change the face of a neighborhood of the Docklands (in ports) of the city of Melbourne , Australia.






One way to make projects of this type economically sustainable, while involving more people, is to create a market for vegetables and vegetables planted in the urban gardens themselves. They do so in the Docklands Garden: they have an organic market, where they sell the produce, and they also organize dinners to benefit (for self-financing) in which they serve foods harvested by the same community.

Next to the garden, they are developing a small-scale Sustainable Living Center with the collaboration of architects, landscapers melbourne, eco-designers, farmers and the community. The idea is to turn the space into a community center for sustainable development, where education, welfare activities, community dinners, a market and a community composting center can be offered.



Other initiatives that Urban Reforestation develops with other organizations, for the community, relate to other aspects of sustainable urban life. For example, there is a campaign  One home one tree , which offers young people to plant a tree around your home; Are also starting a center for sustainable design studies, through the experience they have obtained and the collaborators who have recruited in small-scale jobs.

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