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More and more people prefer the countryside to the city or, failing that, bring a bit of rural life to our urban life. In our daily life, often burdened by schedules, responsibilities and traffic, we value returning home and find a small green (or large, if we are lucky) where we forget the big city. That’s where comes into play garden design . Our small grounds, with a little creativity and know-how of experts in the field, can be transformed into a true personal oasis. Here we discover 8 examples of garden with an interesting landscape design melbourne

Play with the curves

Bahce Tasarim style gardens

Bahce Tasarim


This example of landscape design has to do with curves and geometry. Different curves have different functions; the road that winds right behind the guide pool owners and guests different areas of the garden, while the curved wall acts as a screen of privacy,  dividing the recreation area of the house. 

A little field

Classic style terraces DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG

DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & amp;  Co. KG


This is a true example of how to turn our garden into a veritable hidden oasis. This space exudes serenity. With an impressive ecological swimming pool that resembles a pond, in this place one can get used to the idea that every day of our life is Sunday. With a clear division of spaces, in this garden the areas are well delimited: to sunbathe, to dine in the shade or to walk and enjoy the vegetation.

If you are interested in ecological pools you can read more about them  here .


Modern style houses by Daffonchio & Associates Architects

Daffonchio & amp;  Associates Architects


By installing a row of plants, the designer of this project seeks to continue the feeling of length modern building projects. In perpendicular to the main block of the house, the garden extends harmonic and tranquil like a real corner of peace.

The tranquility of a patio in the shade

Country-style gardens of Comoglio Architetti

Comoglio Architetti


More than a garden, we are here before a courtyard. Tucked under the arches and the shadows cast by the surrounding buildings, this court seeks verticality with vines climbing up the walls. The ponds give a calm and calm air to the space. A place to wait quietly, read a book or try to listen to the noise of the birds.

The oriental touch

Bahce Tasarim style gardens

Bahce Tasarim


The Japanese gardens are world - renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and its perfect symmetry. In this design, of clear eastern influence, the rocks have been placed there to represent the natural and mountainous landscape, while white pebbles are a representation of the sea. For practical purposes, the stone is much simpler than the grass, and its maintenance is cheaper.

If you are interested in oriental gardens, you can read this article on  how to create a Japanese garden . 

Common space

Commercial style spaces translation missing: de Aralia



The garden design is not left alone in the private sector. Also the commercial establishments, like residences or offices, can count on a space that to turn into an interesting garden, where the functionality is as important as the aesthetic. In this example, a nursing home, hence the roads are clearly delimited and there are benches where to rest every few meters. 

Tropical luxury

Aralia Modern Style Gardens



Tucked away in the middle of a wild vegetation and tropical this sofa with cushions and lamp atmosphere invites us to rest. All a tropical luxury that takes us to the other side of the Atlantic with just cross the other side of garden.

A path between plants

Bahce Tasarim style gardens

Bahce Tasarim


The garden design plays with natural and human and architectural elements. Here this road, built in wood, is clothed by leafy plants, which nevertheless know well where the limit. A path that seems to take us deep into the forest. 

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