Colombians like to take care of their skin

 89 percent of Colombian women use body cream, hands and a complementary cream for the skin, according to a study by the company Natura.

The pollsters found that in the dressing room or even the bathroom of any Colombian woman there is some beauty product, from body creams, facial masks – pilaten mask, bath moisturizers, body oils, lotions, exfoliants, liquid and bar soaps and other products, which only show One thing: Colombian women like to take care of their skin. And that is why there is a high level of specialization in the care of your body, especially among the younger.

However, age is not a limitation, since there are no great differences in the use of body categories according to age. Meanwhile, 4 out of 10 Colombians are dual users, being relevant to the body cream + hand cream, taking into account that users of specific creams for hands say use more than once a day.

The data from the study were known during the re-launch of the Natura ‘Tododia’ product line, with which the firm seeks to become involved in women’s body care routines in the country.


Hilda Herrera, Natura Cosmetics dermatologist, shared the daily basic care that should be taken to conserve the skin in its natural conditions and minimize the effects of the natural passage of time.

Proper cleaning: it is vital to clean the skin of both the face and body to eliminate harmful environmental substances accumulated during the day.

Hydrate the body: like the face, body skin needs daily hydration. It is advisable to use soaps or creams with substances originating from fruits that provide an optimal level of moisturizing.

Body scrubs: recommended for use once or twice a week maximum, they help to remove dead cells found in the outermost layer of the skin, regenerating cells and giving a healthier and smoother look to it.

Soaps: much depends on the taste and skin type of the person using it: there are women who prefer the liquid to the bar, but both are good choices, it is important that contain substances that contribute to wetting the skin needs daily.

Areas that need more hydration: generally, the extremities are most shrivel and especially knees, elbows and feet, precisely because there is no awareness that in these places is also necessary to apply moisturizing products.

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