Confuse travelers with bad leaftlets prepared; detrimental to Nuevo Laredo

Confuse-a-traveler-with-booklet-mal-developed; -perjudican-a-Nuevo Laredo

NUEVO LAREDO Promoted crossing the international bridge of Colombia Nuevo León, with misinformation about crossing time compared to Nuevo Laredo, the name of the local international bridges and the number of booths each. In tollbooths New Leon, are delivering leaflets which promote the benefits of crossing the border port; but reversed the names and number of booths available on the international bridges 1 and 2. In the leaflets indicate that cross the bridge I would take 45 minutes, 55 minutes Bridge II, III by 30 minutes, while the zero minutes of Colombia; the triptych has also printed logos North and Goals. When I call bridge Juarez-Lincoln, and state that has 15 booths, while the bridge II as llamanan Portal of the Americas and says it has 4 cabins. Such information beyond guiding nationals wishing to travel to the United States, confuses those first occasion performed or visiting the country once a year, if you decide to go through this border take over the bridge of the Americas, which has less number of booths available. In this leaflets include official logos of the Government of Nuevo León and allegedly drawing up the prospectus is awarded to the Corporation for the Development of the Border Area of Nuevo León, promoting his route to go shopping in Laredo, San Antonio and San Marcos. More info:

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