Document management software in Colombia

document management in Colombia

abox ® document which landed in Colombia to serve the Latin American market, It is taking into account that the General files law (law 594 of 2000)which obliges authorities and Colombian authorities to carry out a program of  marketing project management, which involves the implementation of computer systems tailored to the spirit of that standard was issued in that country.

The Manager documentary abox document ® design, is has always inspired in the archives as Moreq2 or ISO international standards, so it was born close to the fulfilment of all the requirements of the General archive of the nation in Colombia.

For this reason Adapting America as a subsidiary of the software manufacturer, reached an agreement with the company’s consulting services in document management and Archiving Software and DI, located in Bogotá.

Software DI, partner, backed up by his experience as former officers of the General archive of the nation and that they even actively participated in the drafting of the law 594, performs his technical advice for the setting of abox document to Colombian regulation requirements.

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