Eight Things to Consider When Visiting a Chiropractor for Back Pain

It has been a long time since your back pain bothers you but you do nothing. The same goes with the neck, legs, dolls … and you, playing the role of martyr in the movie suffering in silence. Even when?

Your health is an issue that does not admit of excuses, should be a priority in your life. Many actions that are done daily, and without thinking, can be causing annoyances that, if they take advantage, could become a permanent agony.

   Bad postures and “badly made forces” are usually the main cause of these pains. However, many mistakes are made in sleeping, an action as innocent as that.

 “Sleeping face down is a big problem because in this position the head is turned to one side and this can cause the vertebrae to misalign,” explains chiropractor Nicolas Necak.

“That’s why it is important to sleep on your back or side, to avoid putting your spine in this bad posture during the night; And during the day sit upright and maintain a good posture in order to ensure a healthy spine and nervous system, “advises the chiropractor, who resolves some of the frequently asked questions as a result of this profession, which for some Colombians is little known , But that should be consulted by many.

1. Frequent motives for consultation 

Many people visit a chiropractor preventively to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system before they have pain.
However, the common problems we see in the office are headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, pain / numbness / tingling that can go down legs and arms due to a herniated disc, such as sciatica.
Chiropractic consists of accurately adjusting the segments affected by the vertebral subluxation complex to restore a normal functional state to the spine and eliminate interference on the nervous system.

2. Common abuses

The technology. Continually people are in a forward bending position, which is very damaging to the spine.
When working on a computer or sending text messages the position of the head will move forward with respect to the body, which will increase the amount of physical stress that has to assimilate the spine. This can cause the vertebrae to come out of their normal alignment and put pressure on the nervous system, which, over time, can result in health problems.

3. Signs to be alert 

People should visit the chiropractor on a regular basis and take care of their spine continuously throughout their life, as well as any other aspect of the body. Like many diseases, vertebral damage shows no symptoms until the problem is in its final stages. Upon receiving monthly vertebral checkups as part of spinal hygiene prevention care, a person will take an important step to avoid avoidable vertebral damage. If you feel pain, discomfort or stiffness, this can mean that the problems are already accumulating and that a chiropractic vertebral examination is the most advisable.

4. It is advisable:

Be aware. Be careful with posture, make sure that while standing or sitting your ears are aligned with your shoulders and hips and not leaning forward.
If you sit at work for long periods, be sure to take an active break every 20 minutes and stretch.
Do not sleep on your stomach, turn it face up or sideways to avoid bending your spine at night.
Adopt a lifestyle of spinal hygiene and care of your spine preventively, with regular vertebral checkups of a chiropractor.

5. When is it not highly recommended?

Although chiropractic care has many techniques that can be used in many diverse cases of vertebral problems, if you have a fractured vertebra due to a serious accident, a vertebral infection or cancer in the vertebra, the treatment may not be advisable in these cases . It is important to visit a professionally trained chiropractor, to ensure that you are getting the proper technique for your specific case.

6. How to choose the best?

 It is vital to make sure the chiropractor has earned a diploma from an accredited chiropractic institution. In Colombia chiropractic is very new. Trained chiropractors in the United States and Canada have been taught at a Chiropractic Doctorate level of 4,500 hours of education in anatomy, physiology, neurology, diagnosis, orthopedics, radiology, pathology, etc., as well as one year of residency Of clinical practice supervised by a university professor.

7. At what age to visit the chiropractor?

It is for all ages since childbirth, falls, accidents, stress and poor postures cause subluxations. Remember that it is not a technique, it is a profession and there are many techniques that can be used according to the condition of your spine. Among these techniques are the manual technique, that of the activator, which is a specialized instrument that can be used in children or in elderly people with osteoporosis, or the Thompson technique, which involves a chiropractic stretcher that helps in the adjustment.

8. What to expect?

On your first visit, the chiropractor will want to review your history and ask you a series of questions to better understand your problem. Then, you will review your vertebra column by vertebra in search of vertebral subluxations. Vertebral subluxation occurs when a vertebra in the spine is out of alignment and puts pressure on the nerve. As a result, this can block the transmission of the nerve impulse, such as a short circuit that affects how your brain and body communicate, causing damage and health problems. At a regular visit, you will review your spine to check your progress and then move on to adjust your subluxations.

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