How is the Digital Advertising in Colombia?

Colombia continues to fall on the network and increasing at a rate faster - . It’s like a snowball of those we see in cartoons, only in this case, what it means is a substantial improvement in the society. Initiatives to digitize the population from private companies and the Government, are giving results.

And we see this in the data that we are getting, a bit delayed, but it is also an issue that is improving, thanks to the Ministry of ICT (Read more) and IAB (IAB Colombia) .

Investment in digital advertising, also continues to grow and grow an 18.53% - . Let us not forget that it is a trend that comes to the rise of a few years ago.

First in digital media advertising investment increases by 16%.

But what more it confirms our observations is the decrease in investment in classifieds and directories, a trend that occurs because companies find other ways to reach your target audience, as it can be the video, which increasingly has more strength or social media, which increasingly is professionalizing more. It also confirms the fact that companies increasingly invest more in content.

It must also take into account the weak investment growth in banners (advertising invasive), which in fact is heading that loses a greater weight in the distribution of digital web investment.

In terms of mobile, the investment increase is spectacular, growth is a 117% compared to the previous period.What more it grows is the investment in video searches followed. Even at the level of relative weight, these two items are those that earn more. Of course, lost investment in SMS, displaced by other Apps that meet this mission. It is also striking concerning of the banners, while absolute weight loss grow, relative level lose 25% for 2013.

Also we see that it decreases the trend in investment in traditional advertising -  and also every time, with greater force.

And how internet users behave:

According to Alexa, the sites most visited are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Blogspot
  • Twitter
  • Weather
  • best Calgary video production
  • the Viewer
  • MercadoLibre

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