Ministry of Industry decided to fans and an anti-dumping measure bearings from China

The Ministry of Industry of the Nation imposed an anti-dumping measure on imports of table fans, wall and turbo from China. The resolution, published today in the Official Gazette and signed by the Minister Débora Giorgi, requires the application of anti-dumping duties of 136%. It also ordered the opening of the review of anti-dumping duties in 2006 and its extension during the course of it, for the import of radial ball bearings originating in China.

The measures are based on technical reports prepared by technical agencies under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Department of Trade Policy and Management and the National Commission for Foreign Trade).

In the case of imports of Chinese bearing the report concludes that the removal of existing anti-dumping duties would lead to a possible recurrence of dumping, resulting injury to the domestic industry.

Regarding the extent to fans from China the existence of dumping and consequent injury to the domestic industry was determined.

In this regard the Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi said that “continue to defend the domestic market from unfair competition; we can not allow damage to the domestic industry involving the deterioration of working conditions of our employees. ”

Fans originating in China

The domestic industry is composed of firms METALÚRGICA Crivel, AXEL, INDUSTRIES MEDANO and LILIANA, based in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, which together employ about 300 workers in the production of the fans.

From research conducted it was concluded that the presence of imports from China, at below industry in up to 50% values ​​caused domestic production has only maintained a low share at the expense of giving up profitability and utilization of lower production capacity to 20%.

Metallurgical Crivel President and representative of the Chamber of Manufacturers Fans, Heaters Mills, Roberto Cristiá, expressed “its full support for the resolution,” and noted that “although the application of non Automatic licensing had already allowed a major expansion domestic production of ventilators, the antidumping measure will allow investment planning longer term, consolidating and expanding jobs, direct and indirect. ”

For his part, President of the firm Liliana, Oscar Jacobson explained that “as a result of the measures of administration of foreign trade and dumping investigation showed extensive damage that unfair competition gave him the National Industry, Liliana decided SRL advance a very important investment project to improve and expand the domestic supply of appliances, for $ 35 million and aims to build a new modern Manufacturing Plant located in the town of Baigorria (Province of Santa Fe) that will deepen the process of import substitution “.

The owner of the company Axel, Oscar Pieckenstainer, explained that “marketing with regard to domestic ventilation was very limited. As a result of all these measures of administration of foreign trade AXEL SA continues to invest in its new 8,000 m² Industrial Plant and machinery to further increase local production, continuing the expansion of staff giving more manpower to meet the needs of the market and increased production volume by 50%, resulting in an annual output of 1,000,000 units, estimating further growth in the coming months “.

Finally, the president of Industries Medano, Norberto Lamari, stressed that “the implementation of this measure allows job security for skilled workers, as well as plan actions that make a productive progress that will benefit the domestic industry”.

Chinese bearings

Currently, the market is supplied by domestic producer, SKF ARG., Which employs about 420 workers, and imports from various sources, among which include India, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia and Rep. Czech.

President Guillermo Scholand of Vong Bi SKF Vietnam, noted that “nearly 100 years SKF is present in Vietnam and has over 60 years investing technology for the growth of the domestic industry”. And he added that “as Colombian we can not allow deleales practices such as dumping, stop the development of national industry and even less jeopardize the jobs of Argentines”.

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