SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) which translates, ‘optimization for search engines’) and is the process of improving the visibility of a website in different search engines  like Google , Bing or Yahoo organically, ie without paying money to search to access a prominent position in the results.

The current world of business and sales strategies tends more and more to make sales or product presentations over the Internet, thanks to which is the only means by which you can reach such a large number of potential customers.

For this reason your company or business should choose to make immediate presence and even more important is that customers know that your company or business exists.

Optimizing your website (SEO) is the best sales strategy and exposure on the Internet, so start now with SEO work on your site.

Our seo consultant service in Colombia will help your website this positioned on the first pages of Google and Bing results Colombia, working with tools like Joomla WEBCEO and RSSEO. 



Keyword Research: Research conducted keywords that best define your product on the web, which are directly related to the content of your site.

We rely on the tools to WEBCEO keywords, keyword tool from Google TM .

Search Engine Optimization: visible optimize content for search engines and website structure.

This means that we will help you create content that is directly related to the keywords previously defined, and while this content is relevant to search engines.

Presentation: promote optimized content by submitting websites to search engines.

This process is related to the creation of the map of your site or better known as Sitemap, which send to Google TM and Bing.

Link building: perform various link building techniques as links of a one-way link exchange, link baiting, link building social networks; all this in order to get links to web sites and improve their visibility in search engines.

Blogging: create a blog on your site and which will help the development of SEO work.

Social networks: for organic search engine optimization is of great importance to make presence in user networks such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, answers and news communities.

Advertising pays: to complete the effective web presence we PPC or CPM advertising, advertising networks and display search, mobile ads, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

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