The 10 best-selling books of the year in Colombia

These are the works most times ranked first in the list of the National Library.

Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize for Literature 2010.

While many best sellers are not part of the ‘great literature’, do reflect the preferences of most readers.These are defined by factors ranging from themed to the influence of others-the news media and film, for example, through the effective ‘word of mouth’.

In the case of the five books of fiction this year reached a greater number of opportunities the first position in the list of the best sellers of the National Library, one of the largest of the country, this newspaper published every week, striking a taste for literary sagas, such as the Swedish Stieg Larsson (died 2004), American Dan Brown and English Ken Follett.

The exception is the latest novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, The Dream of the Celt, driven by the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Peruvian writer. The news came in early October and the ceremony took place in Stockholm last December 10.

Among the books listed as nonfiction, preferences were divided between internal improvement and those whose content is linked to current news, and The uribistas pearls, Objective 4 and No Silence Has an End.

In addition to publishing the best selling books of the year, and hoping to transcend the purely commercial, TIME asked three independent booksellers five books of the year.


City of lost souls pdf

Stieg Larsson
Editorial Planeta
672 pages
$ 45,000

(21 times in the first place) For the fifth consecutive year, the first of three books in the Millennium series, the late Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, continues to captivate. It is estimated that the history of detective Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander his strange assistant surpassed 20 million copies.

The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown
Editorial Planeta
620 pages
$ 49,900

(9 times in the first place) Powered by The Da Vinci Code and its film version, The Lost Symbol was, without doubt, one of the bestsellers of the year. Pre-orders of its English edition placed him in the top of two months before your departure.

Celtic Dream

Mario Vargas Llosa
Editorial Alfaguara
446 pages
$ 49,000

(6 times in the first place) The book of the year, not just for comments from critics, but by the news that their author was honored with the Nobel Prize for Literature. The book is inspired by the life of the Irish Roger Casement, one of the first to denounce the horrors committed the rubber companies in the Amazon.

Fall of Giants

Ken Follett
Publisher Random House
1024 pages
$ 65,000

(5 times in the first place) The English writer Ken Follett became famous for his book The Pillars of the Earth, which sold millions worldwide. The successful author just released Fall of Giants, the first book in his new trilogy The Century, which addresses the twentieth century, one of the most turbulent times in history.

The Valkyries

Paulo Coelho
Publisher Random House
192 pages
$ 35,000

(4 times in the first place) Paulo Coelho is synonymous with success. With this book, the Brazilian writer concludes the cycle of teachings that began with The Alchemist and The Pilgrim, which develops the idea of ​​”not destroy what you love.” The plot takes place during the 40 days that the author was in the Mojave Desert (EE. UU.), In a process of meditation.


The Uribe pearls

Several authors
Editorial Debate
198 pages
$ 39,000

(He came in first place in six opportunities) Twelve major figures in politics and the media were collected in these pages, to analyze some of the most controversial cases of former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez.


Santiago Rojas
Editorial Norma
320 pages
$ 39,000

(He came in first place in six opportunities). Dr. Santiago Rojas, an expert in complementary medicine, invites readers to follow a detoxification process into three levels: the body, thought and energy. A new proposal lifestyle.

Gerson Therapy, cure for cancer

Gerson / Bishop
Alan Editorial Furmanski
220 pages
$ 60,000

(He came in first place in 5 opportunities). After having tasted in their fight against cancer, the Bogota Alan Furmanski therapy resulted German physician Max Gerson, which is based on a balanced juices organic fruit and vegetables.

Objective 4

Germán Castro Caycedo
Editorial Planeta
405 pages
$ 45,000

(He came in first place in 5 opportunities). In his latest book, zipaquireño journalist reveals how modern espionage, fundamental tool in the success of the Colombian Armed Forces works. Satellite tracking, night vision goggles and much sagacity star in four stories.

No Silence Has an End

Ingrid Betancourt
Editorial Aguilar
716 pages
$ 45,000

(5 times in the first place). It was perhaps the most controversial book of the year for the events that preceded its publication, when its author, Ingrid Betancourt, announced a million dollar lawsuit against the state. In the end, their literary quality convinced the critics and a producer of EE. UU. acquired the rights to make a film.


Ana Maria Aragon
House Bookshop Taken (Tr. 19 bis # 45d-23, Bogota)

1. ‘armies’ by Evelio Rosero José (Tusquets).
2. ‘Two birdies “, the Colombian designer’ Dipacho ‘(Lumen).
3. ‘Verses windblown’ by Karmelo C. Iribarren and Cristina Müller (The Blue Rider).
4. ‘Abraham between bandits’ Tomás González (Alfaguara).
5. ‘Did he was?’ By Stefan Zweig (Cliff).

David Roa C.
Biblos library (Avenue 83 # 12a-21, Bogota)

1. ‘The Passion of the Western Mind’ by Richard
Tarnas (Atalanta).
2. ‘Celtic Dream’ by Mario Vargas Llosa (Alfaguara).
3. ‘No Silence Has an End’, Ingrid Betancourt (Aguilar).
4. ‘Abraham between bandits’ Tomás González (Alfaguara).
5. ‘Three white coffins’ by Antonio Ungar (Anagram).

Maria Osorio
Babel Books (Calle 39A # 20-55, Bogotá)

1. ‘painted Tales’, Rafael Pombo. Illustration: Ivar Da Coll (Babel).
2. ‘My circus’, Xavier Deneux (Ocean).
3. ‘Marina Monstrous’, Rodez (Mil Ojos Rojos).
4. ‘Bola de agua’, Pilar Gutierrez. Illustration: José A. Suárez (Skylight).
5. ‘Heloise and bugs’, Buitrago / Yockteng (Babel).
* These five titles are childish

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