The best films released in Colombia in 2014

The year is closing and with it the necessary balances on the best and worst, stream tv has decided not to make an assessment about the worst because, fortunately, was able to evade many films that ultimately showed the crisis of stories in the film industry. I am sorry, that Yes, not having seen one sufficient number of Colombian films because in the majority of cases it occurred to me that because they are outside the country or work full me they spent few days in which could be watch series online in billboard and then because it was not possible (with the exception of The fungi that is now available online , something that others should also consider).

Thus the things present a list which, as I always say, is personal and incomplete. It has to do with quality, but of course also with the taste and it will be surely some titles that I could not see, since little time passed by Billboard. He also clarified that it is films released this year in Colombian theaters, regardless of their year of preparation. That leaves out the films we saw in festivals or those very good with 2014 World Premiere and that they have not yet reached (or will not come).

Here you can read my favorite of each year during the last five years (2010, 2011,2012 and 2013). Next week I will present my usual videoblog for the newspaper xmovies8.

10 – Boyhood (Richard Linklater, USA): Without penalty or glory passed through our Billboard this interesting film which, beyond their history, is an interesting film documentThe director decided to make it with the same actors for 12 years and very few effective days of filming: its protagonist started at age five and finished with 18. It has excellent performances and the story is so authentic that transitions are not made to notice the passage of time. It’s a journey strides through the life of a family and their everyday conflicts in a natural way and without major surprises.

9 – dirty hands (Josef Wladyka, USA-Colombia): Beyond the discussion on if this film can be considered or not Colombian (I think it is more Colombian than many, including the Dago), this story is surprising and suggests a serious reflection on social issues in a region so troubled as the Buenaventura, with a solid and entertaining story. The great merit of this film is to surf with confidence between a proposal’s author and a story that may like to the public (although the box office in Colombia was bad) and tell a story of conflict without wallow in the dead. Rescue is that this year we had on undercard two good Colombian films with similar characteristics: Matthew of María Gamboa and Juan Carlos Melo Guevara Garden of poppies .

8 – Her (Spike Jonze, USA): Jonze had already given us another great cinematographic journey in 1999 with would you like being John Malkovich? and presents a very original to induce to a reflection on the current and future society history but, apart from this, also talks about evolution of a relationship with Her . In my opinion, this is one of the best scripts of the year with this film Joaquin Phoenix, in his character of Theodore (Theo = God) continues to demonstrate its great acting ability. Interesting was also the controversy of whether you should be considered to Scarlett Johanson for categories of action as “only” used his voice for the character of Samantha (I think Yes).

7 – best offer (Giussepe Tornatore, Italy): This film came with a year’s delay and went unnoticed in our Billboard. Since his unforgettable Cinema Paradiso,Tornatore has shown that he is a great storyteller and this story is measured to have a fascinating thriller that revolves around two enigmatic characters. Geoffrey Rush, as usual, raises the quality of any film.

6 – Interstellar (Cristopher Nolan, USA-UK): with constant references to iconic films of the genre like contact, 2001 a space Odyssey “and” close encounters of the third kind; Nolan presents a story as interesting as entertaining. It’s a flawless film in every way that a rigorous screenplay advised by the prestigious astrophysicist Kip Thorne and the magnificent performance of a large cast headed by the amazing Matthew McConaughey in addition to the technical virtuosity (this was, without a doubt, his great year). Nolan manages to build a fantastic and plausible universe with a history that is perhaps too long but manages to catch viewers.

5 – the past (Asgar Farhadi, France-Italy – Iran): when it came out in a separation of the Iranian director Asgar Farhadi Billboard, we were surprised by a small Pearl in a tradition of good stories. With the past the director returns to attend an historia hard and moving without effects or fanfare, again a daily plot where it is difficult to identify heroes or villains, just ordinary people with successes and errors and where the protagonist is, of course, the past with its aftermath.

4 – circle of love is broken (Broken circle breakdown. ) Felix Van Groening, Belgium): this movie of 2012 was a couple of weeks in billboard. It’s a tremendously poignant story that mixes the hard drama with great music (American folk) and a great mix of emotions to narrate a plot without makeup or easy retail concessionsPersonally, I like the stories well told, human, and is partly suffering and this is the essence of this film.

3. an indelible past (The railway man. ) Jonathan Teplitzky, Australia-Suiza-UK): It is very difficult to structure a story from feelings so intangible as pain and forgiveness, but this Australian movie succeeds. With a powerful performance from Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, andsta film manages to transport us to another timeand the skin of a war veteran who was cruelly tortured, to learn their motives and feelings. Stands out the choice of a warm atmosphere for a story told in a tone of melancholy and that much can relate to the situation that our country is living.

2 – the golden cage (Diego Quemada ten, Mexico-Guatemala – Spain): This powerful film presents a touching and disturbing story in the hands of three young actors (Bombón and debutantes) that, in the course of filming, had to live with real characters who travel from Guatemala trying to pass two borders up to theAmerican dream or, as the title, its own golden cage; lto history of the shooting can be even more interesting is that counted on the screen.

In March I had the opportunity to interview its director Diego burned ten at the International Film Festival of Cartagena and do a review of the film which can be watch series here.

1 – wild stories (Damián Szifron, co-Argentina): many expectations had generated among moviegoers this, the highest grossing film in the history of Argentine cinema, and ltruth is showing that you can make films of quality that you like to the general public. Even though it has the problem of coral stories (irregularity in the intensity of the stories) achieved a powerful rhythm and boasting one of the best casts in recent years, presents an x-ray on animal savagery that persists within every one of us in contemporary life. The film hits facing each viewer showing its characters doing things that many of us just imagine, in an overflow of black humor and with a high quality of production. Wild stories achieved, moreover, show Hollywood that good stories can be counted without giving up the ingredients that the public prefers.

Some of which were left out are: Omar, Wakolda, Philomena, the judge, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, Dallas Buyers club, that parent this child, Gloria, August Osage County, the incredible life of Walter Mitty, Enemy, Garden of poppies, the immigrant and love indigo.

The new installment of X-Men, the comedies About time and Chef and the movie children’s Frozen and the book of life were also commercial proposals of good quality.

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