The best paid surveys in Colombia

If you live in Colombia and want to earn extra money, you can start taking surveys. This list contains the best paid survey sites. By taking online surveys, not only you will be paid in dollars but also have the facility to have an extra income online.

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Paid surveys in Colombia: Global Test Market

The company Global Test Market has been recognized as the best paid survey company in Colombia. This company has an excellent reputation and works with large companies like Coca Cola , DHL, Master Card, Amazonand other so you can make money online with these surveys.

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Free paid surveys surveys in Colombia in Colombia Surveys for money -  Although this service is payment gives you the best ways to make money with online surveys. If you want to start making money with surveys from Colombia, this is the best service for you. Paid directly to your bank or your Paypal account. Start Now


We are working hard to bring you the best free surveys in Colombia. If you have questions about how to make money with surveys in Colombia read our FAQs or send us an email using our contact form .

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Polls pay in Colombia

You can use the sites above to make money with free surveys in Colombia. To participate in these free surveys, you must register on these sites and confirm your email.

After registering begin receiving money by answering surveys and share your opinions in Colombia. You can earn up to $ 40 for a survey.

Companies pay for these online surveys use this information to improve their products and improve their sales amount and to improve customer service. So they are willing to pay big money to know your opinion when you take free surveys in Colombia.

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